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IronMQ Message Queue as a Service

IronMQ Message Queue as a Service

Serverless, High Performance, Lightning Fast Message Queue

Messaging and queuing
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Fast Setup

With IronMQ, you can set up your message queue in minutes. Install, configure, and start your queues!

Just connect to IronMQ endpoints and you have instant access to unlimited message queueing.

Easy Integration With Your Application

Make use of a large set of IronMQ language libraries including Ruby, PHP, Python, Java, .NET, Go, and more. Whatever your native tongue is, IronMQ speaks it.

Reliable Queues

With IronMQ, your queues are persistent and failure safe, your queues are elastic, and you can leverage queues as a system monitoring tool.

No Extra Code To Learn

With IronMQ, you can easily configure individual queues (ie pull, push, long polling), your queues will reach maximum efficiency, and you won’t need extra code for your queueing methodology.

Customized Solutions

Need a customized message queue solution for your application? Contact Iron’s support and we will develop a custom solution based on your requirements.

Free Trial

Iron offers a 14-day free trial to let you try IronMQ!

The free trial includes all the features we offer, including up to 10M API requests, unlimited queues, phone/chat/email support and many more! When the trial period expires we will automatically pause your queues until you upgrade your plan.

No Server Management

Building and maintaining servers is never a one-time effort. With IronMQ, you will be able to handle spikes in traffic and system load without having to manage infrastructure. IronMQ delivers freedom from the backend so you can build features on the front end.

Durable & Secure

IronMQ offers message persistence and redundancy right from the start so your queues are durable and highly available. HTTPS and SSL provide a secure gateway, favorable REST API, and OAuth provides strong scalable authentication.

Reach Maximum Reliability

With dedicated clusters, your service level requirements will be met, your queues will reach maximum reliability, and your queues will be as fast as the cloud.

Reach Maximum Availability

With IronMQ's global availability zones and automated region failover, your queues will reach maximum availability and you won’t be affected by outages.

Great Scalable Solution

"We use IronMQ to build a service which gets intermittent high loads and still maintain good SLA levels on processing while not losing messages. These services help us with scaling and processing in cloud-native fashion."

Keerthi -Sr Software Engineer at Philips

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Flexible pricing plans designed for small projects, enterprise apps, and everything in between.

What's included in the Basic 100K-64k plan?

  • Unlimited Queues

  • Requests per month

  • Message Size Limit

    64 KB
  • FIFO Delivery

  • One-Time Delivery

  • Push and Pull Queues

  • Error Queues

  • Long Polling

  • Persistent Messages

  • Publish/Subscribe

  • High Availability

  • Advanced Dashboard


  • Dedicated Cluster

  • IP Whitelisting

  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

  • Virtual Private Clouds (VPC)

  • Premium Support