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Hosted Graphite

Hosted Graphite

Application, System, Infrastructure Metrics | Graphite | Grafana

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Hosted Graphite is ready to go for whatever your needs are. Send your metrics and receive alerts any time of day or day of the year. Our support team is ready to help you!

We serve hundreds of customers, such as EA, Nielsen, and Coveo who trust us with their monitoring. They apply Hosted Graphite to avoid major issues and be data-driven about the application, infrastructure, and systems management.

Send Your Metrics- Fast

Use Hosted Graphite to send and track your system and application metrics.

Hosted Graphite will never compromise the speed of your app. Send as much as you want without worrying about slowing down your users.

Saves time:
The average in-house monitoring system takes several weeks to a month to set up, and maintaining an in-house solution can be a full-time job. MetricFire just works from day one.


Our Heroku solution starts at $19 a month

With our $19/mo plan, you get automatic Heroku dashboards, Grafana dashboards, alerting, team users, support, AWS integration, 500 metrics, and more!

Team Collaboration

Make sure your whole team has access to your graphs and dashboards, and ensure everyone's ability to make quick decisions with all the data in one place.

Communicate clearly with customers, managers, and non-technical members of your team with easy-to-share dashboards.

Use event annotations to add context to your graphs with extra details about one-time events (such as deployments or restarts) so your team can be on the same page.

Achieve your SLAs by enabling your team to identify performance issues, and fix them on the spot.

We understand our customers may need additional users than their plan allows, so please contact us. We'll be glad to help you!


We specialize in tracking custom metrics at scale - track every aspect of your application.

Scale your monitoring with our low-cost tool that was built specifically for scaling. Hundreds of thousands of custom metrics are no problem for HostedGraphite - we are designed to scale.

Autoscale your app based on any Heroku metric, such as CPU, queue, etc.

Thousands of engineers trust MetricFire

From small businesses to large enterprises, Thousands of development and engineering teams trust Hosted Graphite to take away the stress of running a monitoring system so they can focus their time, resources and money on their revenue-generating projects.

"Read https://www.g2.com/products/hosted-graphite/reviews on G2"

"Hosted Graphite is powerful, but easy to use and scale. Having all our data together on beautiful dashboards with alerts we can rely on takes the headache out of monitoring."
Itai Yaffe,
Big Data Developer, Nielsen


Hosted Graphite allows you to monitor your application, infrastructure, and system performance. See all of your data in one place on a single pane of glass.

Monitor your systems, such as your CI/CD pipelines, your alert management tools, and your databases. See all of your data in one place, and correlate it with your infrastructure, and application monitoring on a single pane of glass.

Identify the system performance metrics for specific services, enable action on a per-service basis, and identify an ROI on a per-service basis.


Grafana is the next generation of visualization for time series metrics. Beautiful responsive interactive graphs with features such as templates to give you a clear view of your data.

Visualize your Heroku metrics automatically on beautiful, easy-to-use Grafana dashboards in real-time with Hosted Graphite.

Our Addon

Automated dashboards directly from your Heroku Log stream for your Dynos. Augment these with custom metrics to track your applications, all displayed on beautiful Grafana Dashboards.


Use auto alerts based on Heroku logs, e.g., R14, R15 Memory Exhaustion critical. We send notifications via Email, HipChat, PagerDuty, Slack, and via webhooks.

Create custom alerts and receive notifications when your data goes outside of its specified bounds so you can take action quickly!

We understand our customers may need additional alerts than their plan allows, so please contact us. We'll be happy to help!


We support .NET, Go, Java, Javascript, Node.js, PHP, Postman, Python, Ruby, Shell, and more languages. If you have any questions, please reach out. We'd love to help you!

High Resolution And Long Term Storage

See your data at high resolution for days. No downsampling. We preserve metric attributes such as mean, max, etc. all the time.

Get 1-2 year retention based on your plan level. The default Heroku dashboards don't offer long-term data storage so use Hosted Graphite to monitor trends in your data.

World-Class Support

We strive to not only help you send and receive the metrics and alerts you need but also to help you understand HG. We go out of our way to help you with fast responses direct from engineers. We treat our customers like friends.

Have questions? Want to get started with a free trial? Need a larger plan? Our dedicated customer service is here to help you, every step of the way!

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Flexible pricing plans designed for small projects, enterprise apps, and everything in between.

What's included in the Intro-500 plan?

  • Number of Metrics

  • Data Retention (months)

  • Data Resolution (seconds)

  • Graphite and Grafana Dashboards

  • Priority Support

  • Daily Backups

  • Access Keys for Data Sharing

  • Account Sharing

  • Hosted StatsD

  • AWS Cloudwatch Integration

  • Automatic Heroku Dashboards

  • OAuth Authentication

  • Alerting

  • Unlimited Dynos